Nimbus and Vagrant Book Club

May 2020

The Nimbus and Vagrant Book Club will be reading KINGS OF FRIDAY NIGHT: THE LINCOLNS by A J B Johnston, Writer starting Tuesday, May 19, 2020. If you would like to read the book with the group, you must go to the Nimbus and Vagrant Book Club Facebook page and then like the post that is there.

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Many local bookstores are now offering free delivery, so make sure to check with them as well

Q & A with WFNS

May 2020

Marilyn Smulders, Executive Director of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, recently asked me a few questions. Here’s a link to those queries, along with my replies.

Kings of Friday Night

May 2020

I thank the Chronicle Herald for the full page story, Allison Lawlor for writing the piece and Nicola Davison (Snickerdoodle Photography) for the author photo. To see the cover of the book, please look elsewhere on this web site.

Chronicle Herald, 4 May 2020

May 2020

Thanks to Allison Lawlor and the Chronicle Herald for the story.

I do wish they had included the cover of the book, and not that photo from one of the many reunions.

Book Clubs?

April 2020

I have received a suggestion from John MacLachlan Gray —former organist with The Lincolns and author of many, many works, including the foreword to the Kings of Friday Night — that I should consider participating by video in any book clubs that want to discuss the new book about his former band and a whole lot of other things touched on in the book.

I am certainly up for that, via Skype, Zoom or something else that works.

If there are any book clubs that want to include Kings of Friday Night on their upcoming list, please let me know.

CTV Morning Live

April 2020

Whitney Moran of Nimbus Publishing chose to highlight my new book about The Lincolns on her segment. Thanks, Whitney and Nimbus Publishing.