Chronicle Herald, 4 May 2020

May 2020

Thanks to Allison Lawlor and the Chronicle Herald for the story.

I do wish they had included the cover of the book, and not that photo from one of the many reunions.

Book Clubs?

April 2020

I have received a suggestion from John MacLachlan Gray —former organist with The Lincolns and author of many, many works, including the foreword to the Kings of Friday Night — that I should consider participating by video in any book clubs that want to discuss the new book about his former band and a whole lot of other things touched on in the book.

I am certainly up for that, via Skype, Zoom or something else that works.

If there are any book clubs that want to include Kings of Friday Night on their upcoming list, please let me know.

CTV Morning Live

April 2020

Whitney Moran of Nimbus Publishing chose to highlight my new book about The Lincolns on her segment. Thanks, Whitney and Nimbus Publishing.

Nimbus Free Shipping

March 2020

Exciting announcement today from Nova Scotia-based Nimbus Publishing: they are now offering free shipping on all orders of $50 and up. This will apply to all orders from anywhere in Canada and the USA.

With bookstores and libraries closed, this is an opportunity to get some books to enjoy while COVID 19 measures are limiting where we all can go. Nimbus publishes many dozens of authors writing in all genres, from history to fiction to memoirs to YA. (I happen to have several books on the Nimbus list, including the just released Kings of Friday Night).

To take advantage of the free shipping offer, all one has to do is to use the code NIMSHIP50 at the checkout. That’s it.
Happy reading! Bonne lecture!

Want to buy the book?

March 2020
If anyone who sees this post is looking forward to reading my latest book—with all bookstores closed—there are currently only a few ways to get the book into your hands.

The most direct way is to contact Nimbus and order the book. You can call 902-455-4286 during business hours and they will mail it out. Alternatively, you can use their purchase / check out at

One day very soon, Kings of Friday Night will be available on and

Eventually, bookstores will re-open, but no one has any idea when that will be.

In a few months, there will also be an e-book version of the story of The Lincolns.

Cornwallis Task Force

March 2020

The final meeting of the Cornwallis Task Force was last evening. (Official name: Task Force on the Commemoration of Edward Cornwallis and the Recognition and Commemoration of Indigenous History.)

We held that final discussion over the phone because of the COVID 19 situation.

Our Task Force report will now be both printed and prepared in digital format and then be passed on to the Halifax Regional Municipality and the Assembly of Nova Scotia Chiefs. Soon after, it will be made public. When exactly those next steps will take place is difficult to say, because of the pandemic. The expectation is that the report should be made available to all who would like to read it sometime in April.

I think it is important to note that our Task Force completed its work under budget and many months earlier than was initially asked for by the HRM City Council.

I also want to say that my experience on the Task Force was extremely positive, from beginning to end. When I was asked to serve on the group I confess to having had some mixed feelings, given how contentious and heated the Cornwallis debate had become in newspapers and on other media.

My misgivings quickly disappeared as the Task Force sat down together and we began to discuss the subjects before us. We all made sure that we didn’t make angry speeches but rather listened quietly and respectfully to each other’s point of view. Listening attentively is not always something the various media in today’s world encourages, but I recommend it highly.

As a researcher and writer, I spend a great deal of time working by myself. Being part of the Task Force, with thoughtful members from across Nova Scotia, was a wonderful experience.

I will post something when the Task Force report is made available.