New Covers

July 2018

I have made adjustments to the covers for my new novels, The Hat and Something True. They are available on all Amazon platforms and in select books stores and gift shops in Grand-Pré, Louisbourg, Sydney, Truro and Wolfville.

If anyone wants to comment, please send me your thoughts.

One Reader’s Thoughts

July 2018

I really appreciate it when I hear from a reader who has liked one of my books. After all, you put them out there and don’t really know how people feel about them unless they let you know.

A few days ago, a reader named Cindy Embree sent me her feelings about The Hat.

“I just read ‘The Hat’. Thank you. It is beautifully written and the image of the hat helps us to hold on and get through this well known but painful story. Lots of truths in this book. Most of all it is a big reminder of our own injustices and sorrows. Maybe we are a little smug this season as we phrase our own criticisms of US treatment of migrants. We must forever be alert and say no to unfairness. Thanks – can’t wait to share this with all ages. How did you manage to write so gently of such a horrid occurrence – good for you – brings it right to our hearts.”

I could not ask for better feedback than that.

By the way, both of my new novels, The Hat and Something True, are available as e-books as well as paperbacks. In fact, if anyone has Kindle Unlimited, each book is free.

Calgary School Presentation

June 2018

In late May 2018, I found myself in front of 100 Grade 7 students at the Connect Charter School in Calgary, AB. They wanted me to talk about some of the individuals featured in the the Nova Scotia Museum’s exhibit entitled: “Vanguard: 150 Years of remarkable Nova Scotians.” I put the focus on the stories that would best connect with an audience of young people.

Louisbourg Book Review

April 2018

The link below leads to a review by Jamie Heap of my book, Louisbourg: Past, Present, Future (Halifax: Nimbus Publishing, 2013).

Praise for THE HAT

March 2018

It’s early days, but I have been delighted with the comments received so far about my new novel, The Hat.

Here are three assessments.

“Wonderful story! Sure to be a favorite of all who read it.” – Hugh R. MacDonald, author of Trapper Boy and Us and Them

“It’s a great novel that should be translated into French.” Claude DeGrâce, Managing Director, Société Promotion Grand-Pré.

“It’s a wonderful book … which reminds us that the majority of the people deported were children. This book will be enjoyed by both children and adults; it palpably makes one feel the horror and helplessness felt by the victims. Maddeningly for the boy, no one—not even his loving grandfather—could prevent the Deportation.” Warren Perrin, Louisiana lawyer and champion of Cajun history and Acadiana

Our Contested Past

February 2018

The opinion piece authored by the two Mi’kmaw Chiefs of Prince Edward Island in the Feb. 25, 2018 issue of the Chronicle Herald — follow the link copied below — expresses my view as well. I am delighted to see them express their view, which I believe is widely held by many Indigenous people across Canada.’kmaw-name-to-national-historic-site-a-source-of-pride-reconciliati