Calgary School Presentation

June 2018

In late May 2018, I found myself in front of 100 Grade 7 students at the Connect Charter School in Calgary, AB. They wanted me to talk about some of the individuals featured in the the Nova Scotia Museum’s exhibit entitled: “Vanguard: 150 Years of remarkable Nova Scotians.” I put the focus on the stories that would best connect with an audience of young people.

Louisbourg Book Review

April 2018

The link below leads to a review by Jamie Heap of my book, Louisbourg: Past, Present, Future (Halifax: Nimbus Publishing, 2013).

Praise for THE HAT

March 2018

It’s early days, but I have been delighted with the comments received so far about my new novel, The Hat.

Here are three assessments.

“Wonderful story! Sure to be a favorite of all who read it.” – Hugh R. MacDonald, author of Trapper Boy and Us and Them

“It’s a great novel that should be translated into French.” Claude DeGrâce, Managing Director, Société Promotion Grand-Pré.

“It’s a wonderful book … which reminds us that the majority of the people deported were children. This book will be enjoyed by both children and adults; it palpably makes one feel the horror and helplessness felt by the victims. Maddeningly for the boy, no one—not even his loving grandfather—could prevent the Deportation.” Warren Perrin, Louisiana lawyer and champion of Cajun history and Acadiana

Our Contested Past

February 2018

The opinion piece authored by the two Mi’kmaw Chiefs of Prince Edward Island in the Feb. 25, 2018 issue of the Chronicle Herald — follow the link copied below — expresses my view as well. I am delighted to see them express their view, which I believe is widely held by many Indigenous people across Canada.’kmaw-name-to-national-historic-site-a-source-of-pride-reconciliati

Brandon Young

February 2018

In an earlier posting, I said something about Lio Lo, who painted the wonderful scene on the cover of The Hat.

It’s time to say something about Brandon Young, who looked after the interior design of that book. I spent days trying to find someone with skills I don’t possess to look after that all-important element in making a book look great. One false step led to another until, more or less out of the blue, I learned about Brandon Young, who lives in Australia. In the age of the internet, it really doesn’t matter where anyone lives anymore. Brandon (see photo) did a terrific job on the interior design of The Hat.

Brandon is a writer as well, and today, Feb. 20, he is launching a Kickstarter for an anthology of talented, emerging writers in Australia. Check it out at

THE HAT at a special price

February 2018

Beginning Sunday, Feb. 18, the e-book version of The Hat will be discounted on, and all other Amazon platforms.

Instead of its usual $4.99 USD, or $6.20 CAD, the digital version of the novel will be on sale for $2.99 USD, or $3.74 CAD. That sale price will last seven days.

The Hat continues to be free to people with Kindle Unlimited. The paperback price remains $8.99 USD on, or equivalent prices in Australia, France and other countries where it is available.