Vanguard Interview No. 2

July 2017

Here is a link to the broadcast version of my conversation with the engaging CBC journalist Felicia Latour. Our chat about the new Vanguard exhibit at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History was broadcast on CBC Mainstreet (Halifax) on July 5, 2017.

Article in Upcoming Book

July 2017

This book is to be released in September 2017. Vernon Oickle sought and found a solid collection of writers to contribute. It should be fun to read. My piece is straight history, not a word of fiction. It’s about the horrific side of 18th-century Louisbourg — i.e. its criminal justice system and its sieges.

Vanguard Interview

July 2017

The link below leads to my recent conversation with Steve Sutherland of CBC Information Morning (Cape Breton). We spoke about the opening of the new exhibit at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History in Halifax of “Vanguard: 150 years of Remarkable Nova Scotians.”

Vanguard Exhibit Opens

July 2017

The exhibit entitled “Vanguard: 150 Years of Remarkable Nova Scotians” opened at the Nova Scotia Museum (1740 Summer Street in Halifax, NS) on June 28. Its last day will be October 15, 2017. The exhibit is, in my view, an antidote to some of what is going on in the world. It shows that remarkable things can be achieved by women and men who have good values and ideas who are willing to persevere to see them through, regardless of any barriers. Maybe, just maybe, there is greatness in all of us. That is the power of the examples set by these remarkable Nova Scotians during the past century and a half.

I am delighted with the look of the exhibit I researched and wrote, and I am totally impressed by the installation Artist-in-Residence Miro Davis created to go along with the exhibit.
Here are a few photos of the installation that was underway early in the day on June 28.

La Route des 20 (Radio-Canada)

May 2017

Something different for today (le 11 mai 2017), tout à fait.

I was interviewed by Patrick Masbourian, host of Radio-Canada’s radio program La Route des 20, concerning the history of Halifax and Nova Scotia. We spoke for about 20 minutes, five or six of which will likely be used when the program is broadcast Saturday evening.

La seule raison j’ai accepté cette invitation est de pratiquer mon français. Je ne trouve pas souvent l’opportunité d’utiliser la langue de Molière dans ma vie quotidienne.

Link to the program / Lien à l’émission :

Bravo la France!

May 2017

Bravo for having chosen to look outward, not inward, and for preferring reason and intelligence over dangerous emotions and dead-end sentiments.

Of course, it remains to be seen how the new President Macron will deliver. Nonetheless, in making its May 7 choice, France has shown it is looking toward the future and not retreating into the past.