Louisbourg & La Rochelle

September 2014

Two new exhibits that explore Louisbourg’s history are soon to open in France. Both will be in La Rochelle (roughly in the middle of France’s long west coast) and both share the overall title LOUISBOURG, Phare du Nouveau Monde. The key people behind the exhibitions are Pauline Arsenault of the Archives Charente Maritime and Annick Notter of the Musée du Nouveau Monde.

Opening first, on 20 September 2014, at the Archives départmentales is LOUISBOURG, Phare du Nouveau Monde, Le destin de ses archives.

Then, on 3 October 2014, at the Musée du Nouveau Monde, LOUISBOURG, Phare du Nouveau Monde, Les desseins d’une ville.

Pour voir l’invitation à ces deux ouvertures, vous pouvez cliquer sur le lien en dessous.


Louisbourg Presentation, Nov. 4

August 2014

I’ve been asked by the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, NS to reprise a variation on the presentation – Louisbourg and the Twists of Time – I gave at Government House last year. The talk will not be identical because I have no script just images, but it’ll cover the same sweeping history of everyone’s favourite reconstructed French fortified town. That is, I’ll start with the formation of its harbour 5000 years ago and then proceed quickly through its 18th-c transformation by the French, what happened there in the 19th c and 20th c and then its eventual rebuilding and much more. I’ll close with a peek to what rising seas are likely going to do to the place. Nov. 4th, 7:30 pm. The link to the event notice at the Museum is below.


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2012-09-26 11.31.41

Arichat, Aug. 20

August 2014

I’m very much looking forward to my upcoming trip back to Cape Breton. I’ve not been on the distinctive republic of Isle Madame for far too long. That absence ends on Wednesday, August 20. I’ll be at LeNoir Landing, 708 Veterans Memorial Drive, Arichat, talking about the quartet of period fiction I’m halfway through with The Maze and its predecessor, Thomas, A Secret Life. I’ll talk about where those books are coming from and where the series is heading, and do a couple of readings. The event begins at 7 pm.

Waterfront #2

Arichat 001 (3)

Donald M. # 10

Nouvelles sur Ni’n na L’nu

July 2014

Les premiers pas sont pris pour avoir une version en français du livre sur les Mi’kmaq. Il sera intitulé, Ni’n na L’nu : Les Mi’kmaq de l’Ile du Prince-Édouard. La traduction est terminée et un premier jet du design est fait, et par le même grand talent qui a désigné l’exposition, Stéphane Breton. Le lancement du livre en français est prévu pour le 10 octobre au Musée canadien de l’Histoire à Gatineau. Work is advancing at good speed on the French version of Jesse Francis’ and my book on the Mi’kmaq. Launch is set for October 10 at the Canadian Museum of History in the National Capital Region.

The Maze … is out

May 2014

The new novel is now in bookstores and available as an e-book.

Actors playing Thomas and Hélène, central characters in both Thomas, A Secret Life and The Maze, were strolling around Halifax on June 7 giving away 50% discount coupons and excerpt samples. The discounts are for two independent bookstores in Halifax and one in Sydney.


My presentations on The Maze in Truro, Dartmouth, Pictou and River John  are all done. The only one left at this time is for August 20, at 7 pm. I’ll be at LeNoir Landing, 708 Veterans Memorial Drive, Arichat on Isle Madame, reading from and talking about The Maze and its predecessor, Thomas, A Secret Life.

Nouveau film sur Louisbourg

January 2014

Le nouveau film documentaire — Louisbourg, un rêve d’Amérique — a été diffusé en France sur FR3. Le film était tourné pendant 2013, le tricentenaire de la fondation de Louisbourg, par Marc Jouanny et Françoise Mamolar. Il contient beaucoup de belles images, un narratif génial, et des entrevues avec plusieurs historiens, y compris moi. J’espère que dans un proche avenir le film serait diffusé au Canada.