1980s Photos

Published November 11, 2021 by A.J.B. Johnston

I was not often in costume during my 23 years working as an historian at the Fortress of Louisbourg. I was more often reading microfilm or writing papers, manuals or reports. But from time to time, I did don 18th-century garb. The first photo was such an occasion. I am second from the left, with my hands in my pockets.

Sandy Balcom is further to the left, and it’s Vince Kennedy in the striped pants in the centre of the shot. I cannot recall the name of the fellow holding the cod.

I remember it was cool that day, and we were to spend time splitting and gutting the fish. That slimy work lay ahead, after this shot. I suppose I was trying to keep my hands warm because I knew how slippery, stinky and cold my hands were going to get.

The second photo, which is dated Sept. 19, 1986 on the back, poses the five of us who had a hand in the production of the 1986 book Old Sydney Town. Ken Donovan had the overall idea for the book project and raised the money; I was the editor; Debra McNabb was the researcher and author; Lewis Parker created the illustrations; and Horst Paufler did the design.

Looking at the photo today, I wonder why I am the only one seeming to smile. Debra does offer a hint of a satisfied expression, but the others look either very serious or a bit glum. I hope Ray Doucette (Raytel Photography) took more than this photo, and that the others captured a bit more happiness over the creation of the new book.

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