62 years …

Published September 9, 2021 by A.J.B. Johnston

About a dozen musicians have played with The Lincolns over the years, including the many reunions.

Only two, drummer Rod Norrie and sax player Layne Francis, go all the way back to the beginning, circa 1959-60. The others who were part of the original five and then six-musician band are all gone.

That’s an incredible span for Rod and Layne, 62 years of playing with The Lincolns! Not all the time anymore, the way it once was. But nonetheless, it’s a remarkable record.

On October 17, at the Marigold Cultural Centre in Truro, Rod and Layne—and Don Muir, Barry Ryan, Phisch Fancy, Jack Lilly, Dawn Hatfield, Shirley Jackson, Glenn Irving and singer Paul Eisan of course—will get to play again on a stage as The Lincolns. The musical part of the show will be divided in three parts: music from the early ’60s with Rod on the drums; songs from the mid-60s with Glenn on drums and music from the late 60s with Jack taking over on drums.

Long live the Lincolns—and live music everywhere!

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