Crossings: The Gist

Published June 6, 2015 by A.J.B. Johnston

Here below is an advance peek — available nowhere else in the world at this point — of the copy that will be going into catalogs and web sites to describe my third novel, Crossings. That book is to come into the world in September 2015.

“Thomas Pichon seems forever at a crossroads, often choosing the path of least resistance, or the one most tempting. In this, the third Thomas Pichon novel, his life remains more complicated than he wishes. He encounters highwaymen on a country road, succumbs to a tempting tryst in the spa town of Bath, squanders a new love back in London and begins to long for the higher social station he once enjoyed.

Returning to Paris, Thomas’s work life initially stalls, but a new lover offers help. He is given the best position he has ever had, one that requires him to go overseas. The crossing is a voyage neither he nor anyone aboard will soon forget.”


That copy came from the Cape Breton University Press, but I have to say it sums up the 80,000 words of action pretty well.

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