Horror at Louisbourg Anyone?

Published June 6, 2016 by A.J.B. Johnston

I have not posted much here recently about my writing life.

I have been busy, in one instance on something I never would have expected.

Some weeks back I received an inquiry from Vernon Oickle asking if I might have something to contribute to a forthcoming multi-author book on horror in Nova Scotia. My first reaction was to blink and lean back: horror is not a subject I either read or write.

But then I gave it more thought. In fact, in my time as a historian of Louisbourg I have indeed, on occasion, written about some horrors. They were the horrors of wars and crimes, but they surely count.

So I wrote back to Vernon asking if something historical, about Louisbourg, might fit into the book. Vernon said it certainly could. So that’s what I’ve been writing these past few days, something I am calling “The Horrific Side of Louisbourg.” The deadline for submissions is not until November, but I like to get things done well ahead of time.

I note that there will be eighteen authors (including such renowned writers as Darren Greer, Janice Landry, Frank Macdonald, William Kowalski and a dozen or so others) contributing to the book. It should make for a diverse and fascinating book.

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