Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste

Published February 2, 2021 by A.J.B. Johnston

If you have read Caste already, you know how powerful and persuasive it is.

If you have not read it, I urge you to consider it. Maybe think of it as a Black History Month project? Though it’s definitely worth reading any month at all.

I finished the book a week ago and I continue to think about what Isabel Wilkerson presents in the book about both history and the world we are in right now, especially in the USA. Yes, the focus is on the USA, but I grew up in and live in Canada and the “caste” analysis fits here as well, to a lesser degree.

Not a day goes by without something happening in the world that demonstrates the relevance of Wilkerson’s in-depth analysis. She is also a terrific writer.

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