Lincolns’ Book Update

Published March 3, 2019 by A.J.B. Johnston

It’s been a fascinating seven months, talking to members of The Lincolns and collecting memories from their fans. After a long time with my head down figuring out what goes where, I can now report that we are on the homestretch. The finish line is not yet quite in sight, but it’s just around another couple of bends.

Frank MacKay’s passing less than two weeks ago added a sudden sense of urgency to getting the book finished at my end and into the hands of Nimbus Publishing. It also turned the book — deservedly — into something of a memorial to Frank.

I’ll share more information on the book’s status in the weeks ahead when there is something to tell. My immediate goal is to deliver the package of words and images to Nimbus as early in April as I can. Whether or not it will enter the publisher’s queue at that point is out of my hands. As things stand, publication is slated from the spring of 2020. I am ever the optimist, and hope that my early delivery might see the book come out sooner. But that may not happen—there are other people’s books already in the queue.

The photo comes from the first reunion of the Lincolns, at the Teachers’ College in September 1978. Several in the photo are now gone.

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