More Fortress Memories

Published January 1, 2022 by A.J.B. Johnston

I recently posted a few photos found in drawers or files that I had not explored in years. The scenes brought back lots of welcome memories.

Here are a couple more shots from my time at the Fortress of Louisbourg.

One is of me in a soldier’s costume seeming to be leading a tour in the ruins of the hospital. The photo was a set-up, as all the adults in the shot worked at the Fortress (Allan MacLeod, David Bateman, Frederika Fallis and another whose name escapes me). The kids were from Louisbourg town. I don’t recall why this scene was captured on film; some kind of publicity photo I guess.

The second photo is a glossy b&w of the bunch of us in Fortress costumes down at Boston’s Louisburg Square, on the steps of Louisa May Alcott’s onetime home. I had posted a newspaper clipping of this scene about 10 days ago, but this is the actual photo of the whole set-up.

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