New Photos

Published December 12, 2019 by A.J.B. Johnston
A huge number of people helped out my research on The Lincolns.

One chain of individuals lead me recently to the Dalhousie University Archives. Thanks to a tip from the last person in that chain, Stephen Archibald, I found in that archives a contact sheet of photos of the band playing at Dartmouth High in 1967-68. I have a attached snap of the overall sheet of thumbnail images.

The photo shoot came about when the Dalhousie Gazette (Dal’s student newspaper) sent several photographers (including Stephen Archibald and Doug Hiltz) over to Dartmouth to check out the Truro band.

Several of the images they took that evening are great—and will likely end up in the book. There is more atmosphere and mood to these photos than many of the ones with which we are all familiar. These shots are fresh and new, though taken over a half-century ago.

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