There comes a time

Published October 10, 2021 by A.J.B. Johnston

There comes a time … and for me that time is now.

It’s time to begin culling some of the many books and journals I have accumulated over the years.

If I have 500—and it could be a higher number—then I’m going to aim shrink that to 100. After all, I have lots of titles that have been sitting quietly for decades, waiting for someone to take them off their shelves.

Many are going to book-sale charities, like Women for Music who support Symphony Nova Scotia.

Others, those that contain my own articles on Louisbourg and other topics, like some of the ones pictured here, I will send to the Beaton Institute at Cape Breton University.

Somebody, someday might like to read the original paper versions, rather than the digital ones online.

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