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Published May 5, 2020 by A.J.B. Johnston

There are dozens of photos in the KINGS OF FRIDAY NIGHT, each of which was chosen to help readers get the most out of the story being told. I think Nimbus editor Angela Mombourquette and designer Jenn Embree did a great job including as many as they possibly could. Inevitably, of course, dozens of additional images had to be left out.

Of the ones that did not make it into the book, I particularly like the one I am posting here. It catches The Lincolns at Dartmouth High before a dance, posing with the school janitor.

The photo displays the obvious camaraderie within the group, and you can’t help but wonder what drummer Rod Norrie was laughing at. Something the janitor just said is my guess. I’m also curious as to why organist John Gray is missing from the photo? Maybe it’s because he hadn’t yet arrived at the school gym?

Finally, I notice that singer Frank MacKay (far right) is standing a few inches away from Frank Mumford and the rest of the group. After reading what Frank wrote in the “Afterword” of KINGS OF FRIDAY NIGHT — where he talks of how he had to hide a part of himself while growing up — I can’t help but wonder if at some deep-down level Frank was unconsciously choosing to remain ever so slightly apart from the rest of the band.

“Different” is the title Frank gave to his piece in the book’s Afterword. To reinforce the message he wanted to convey, Frank included some of the lyrics from a song of the same name he had composed a few years earlier.

“What do they mean by different? And how could they know?
These feelings I keep to myself. I’ve never let them show.”

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