When Truro was NYC

Published January 1, 2018 by A.J.B. Johnston

“Because of them, Truro was our New York.”

That’s what a Halifax doctor, who grew up in Pictou, said to me a few years ago. He was referring to the 1960s Friday night Lincoln dances at the Colchester Legion.

No one who was ever at those dances would disagree. They were something special. None of us would have wanted to be anywhere else, than grooving to Frank MacKay and the band playing Soul and R&B.

Well, a half century later, the Lincolns are coming backā€”back to play in Truro at the Legion Branch 26. I have tickets for the Friday night event, but there will be a Saturday night show as well.

Fifty dollars may be fifty times more expensive than the Lincoln dances at the Legion dances used to be. But then, maybe that’s a small price for time travel?

And for a trip to our very own Nova Scotian New York.

Photos: tickets for 2018 lincoln show; banner on The Lincolns at the Colchester Historeum; AJBJ and Rod Norrie (original Lincoln drummer); and AJBJ and Mary T around the time when the Lincolns were still playing in Truro.

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