Botanical Beach, Victoria and elsewhere

Published April 4, 2016 by A.J.B. Johnston
I was recently fortunate enough to spend a week in wonderful Victoria, BC, where it was like living in the month of June, two months ahead of time. One day we went on an outing to amazing Botanical Beach, which is about two hours away (near Port Renfrew). At low tide, the exposed beach contain untold varieties of marine life. I have posted quite a few photos of that visit, and of other places and sites that have caught my fancy over the past few years, on my Instagram site. If you might be interested in seeing a few of those shots, please copy and paste the link below. There are at this time over 300 images on my corner of the Instagram world.  
Here are a couple of photos taken during that recent trip to BC, neither of which are on my Instagram. Both shots are by my son Colin, who happens to be developing into a remarkable writer of fiction we’ll all be hearing about in the very near future. His top photo is at Botanical Beach, where I am enjoying a snack that was wrapped in an Abeego. The lower shot was taken near the reservoir in Victoria, one of many places Colin took us to.
AJBJ Botanical
AJBJ Victoria 1

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