Final Chapter

Published October 10, 2021 by A.J.B. Johnston

I think that was it.

Last Monday evening’s performance at Truro’s Marigold Cultural Centre by The Lincolns was almost certainly the end of a very long musical run, dating back to 1960.

And what a run it was, lasting more than 60 years. In its heyday, the band delighted audiences across the Maritimes throughout the 1960s.

Then, more selectively, there were periodic reunions starting in 1978, and occurring again every so often until last Monday, October, 18, 2021.

Of course, I’m sorry to see the end. Never before and never again will I ever have a book launch like that. But what a wonderful way for the band to go out.

Bravo, Lincolns!

Long live live music everywhere.

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