History, history

Published January 1, 2013 by A.J.B. Johnston

It’s been a busy January, and pretty much all history not fiction. I’ve been revising the text and finding suitable images for the forthcoming book on the Landscape of Grand Pré World Heritage Site; making the occasional last-minute touch to the upcoming Louisbourg: Past, Present, Future; adding new material and making revisions to Ni’n na L’nu: The Mi’kmaq of Prince Edward Island and on top of that I extracted material from that forthcoming book by Jesse Francis and myself to come up with a 2500-word essay on the Mi’kmaq for a catalogue for an upcoming exhibit at the Musée du Nouveau Monde in La Rochelle, France. All fun, but I’m getting eager and a little impatient to get back to Thomas and his adventures in the fiction genre.

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