Kings of Friday Night

Published November 11, 2019 by A.J.B. Johnston

Nimbus Publishing has completed its design for the cover of my 20th book. Hope you like it!

I have to say that I have never had as much fun researching or writing any book as I did with this one. It was the first time I was writing about a period I had actually lived through.

Hats off to Colin Smith for the fun cover design.

Heartfelt thanks to John MacLachlan Gray for the terrific “Foreword.”

And thanks to the spirit of Frank MacKay for closing out the book with his touching “Afterword.”

Dozens of people contributed stories and images to the book. Thanks to you all.

The rest of the book—the interior layout and back cover—have not yet been designed. Nimbus expects to have the book ready for the spring of 2020.

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