New 1758 Source

Published December 12, 2013 by A.J.B. Johnston

Two Louisbourg items went on the auction block last week at Sotheby’s and there was great interest among those of us who follow such things. One was a map and the other a previously unseen journal of the 1758 siege (or rather of its aftermath) as recorded by an anonymous officer in the Cambis Regiment. The map went to a private buyer, but the journal — in a move that completely surprised everyone I know — was purchased by the Government of Canada. Well done! The journal will end up with Library and Archives Canada. Here’s hoping LAC makes a digital version available so all interested can have a look. Presumably, the journal had never been sent by the Cambis officer to any higher up French officials, because it then would have ended up in a French archives. The diary must have remained in his family for a while, perhaps 250 years. This is a major new source, and one that is likely to shed light on what happened at Louisbourg after the surrender and then during the crossing overseas.

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