NS@150 Exhibit

Published November 11, 2016 by A.J.B. Johnston

I call it NS@150 but I’m not sure what the Nova Scotia Museum will call it when it becomes an official exhibit for the public in 2017.

It’s a project that aims to highlight the contributions made by three Nova Scotians from each decade that has elapsed since Confederation. That makes for 48 individuals.

I began working on the project in September and it’s been keeping me busy researching and writing about a wide range of women and men from all sectors of Nova Scotian life. The decision was made early on to stay away from the very big celebrities (like Ellen Page and Sydney Crosby) about whom everyone already knows a lot. Instead, the focus has been on individuals who have changed and inspired the province in important ways but who perhaps are not well known. Or at least not as well known as they should be.

There is an advisory committee representing different communities that gets to influence the process. Then the general public is to play a role in 2017. You — those of you are interested — will be asked to vote on some of the candidates, week by week. That’s to narrow the selections down the final exhibit.

Watch for that voting process. In fact, I’ll post something here to let you know when it will be starting, sometime early in 2017. The first candidates are from the 1860s, then the next week from the 1870s and so on.

I have learned a lot working on the project. I think others will as well, by participating in the voting process, and eventually visiting the exhibit. It’s a Canada 150 project.

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