One Last Time?

Published November 11, 2014 by A.J.B. Johnston

I have been thinking, writing and talking about Louisbourg for quite a while. My first visits were as a child on family trips. I came back as an adolescent then ended up getting a job there as a Parks Canada historian as an adult. I offered some reflections on all that about a year ago, in a piece for The Nashwaak Review. Follow the link below to read what Sandy Balcom, Ken Donovan, Brenda Dunn, Bruce Fry, Christopher Moore and I have to say.

Twenty-three pretty interesting years I worked at the Fortress of Louisbourg, leaving in September 2000. Since I have continued to write and speak about the place and its history, it’s obvious that my time there as part of the Fortress team made a lasting impression on me: many friendships and the kind of work that suited me.

Next up, on Nov. 4, I offer in 45 minutes everything I know about Louisbourg, spanning the last 5000 years and looking into the near future. Well, maybe I won’t talk about everything I know, but it’ll be a sort of highlight reel, as I see it from my particular vantage point.

It occurs to me that this upcoming talk at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic just may be my last such talk about the history of Louisbourg. If so, so be it. It’s likely time that I put that history to rest.


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