Retired? Maybe Not.

Published October 10, 2023 by A.J.B. Johnston

I have tended to resist using the word “retired” ever since I stepped away from Parks Canada 14 years ago, in the fall of 2009.

That is because I try to stay busy working on a variety of non-Parks exhibits. And writing books. Not every day, I suppose, but often enough.

Yesterday, I wanted to see if I had really been as busy as I imagined. I remembered that on my website ( there was a list of different exhibits I had worked on ever since 2009. I took a photo, which is posted below.

It looks like I have had something to do with exhibits in 14 different museums / historic sites over the past 14 years. That’s not too bad, I think.

Because over that same 14 years I have also published six novels and five books of history.

Sure, I could probably have done more with my time, but still.

Here’s hoping my time (and output) is not quite done yet. There’s still the fourth and final Thomas Pichon novel to complete.

And who knows what else.

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