Books Start Here, NS

Published February 2, 2016 by A.J.B. Johnston


A crowd of several hundred came out last evening to the launch of the Books Start Here campaign. I took a photo with my phone but it’s a little blurry. It also does not show the much larger crowd to my left and behind where I was sitting. It’s impressive to see such a turnout for the publishing industry in NS.

Books mma

Messages included one on how important it is to our culture, especially to inspire the young, to know that a person can grow up to be a writer in this province and tell the stories of where we live.

Those supportive of the industry — and its writers, editors, illustrators, publicists etc — were asked to express their thoughts and feelings to the MLAs. The hope is that NS will follow the lead of some other Canadian provinces and show more support for this creative industry.



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