The Colossus of Green Cove

Published June 6, 2015 by A.J.B. Johnston

I was fortunate to have worked for Parks Canada back when it had thoughtful policies for the public good that it actually followed. That day seems to have passed, at least with regard to Green Cove within Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

I find it hard to process how a federal agency that has the mandate to protect and manage its national parks puts up money (100K) to support building something like the colossus that has been proposed. Does the person behind this project have ties with PM Harper we should know about?

Canada already has hundreds, likely thousands of war memorials. There are statues and other monuments in towns and cities across the land, and then there are the schools, highways, streets and buildings named after those who have served. Do they not count?

Each time our Canadian vets go to Holland, I am so very touched by the way that country shows its respect and affection for those from our country who liberated theirs seventy years ago. I take the example of the Dutch as proof of what “Never Forgotten” truly means. It comes from people’s hearts, not giant statues. What Canada needs is not a colossus but its history taught in its schools, and for families to do their part bringing up their kids.

I do sympathize with the people of northern Cape Breton who think this project will bring them some work in construction and a few ongoing jobs. But there have to be better ways to employ people than a mistake like this statue.

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