The Hat on Kindle

Published January 1, 2018 by A.J.B. Johnston

My latest book, The Hat, is now available exclusively through Amazon. I wrote it with YA readers in mind, but apparently adults are enjoying it as well. It comes in two formats, e-book and printed book. For the e-book version, readers with Kindle Unlimited can download it for free. For reasons best known only to Amazon, I could not give the same cover to the two different versions of the book. The image without the title and author on the cover—that information is on the spine and back cover—is the print version.

The Hat is about a well-known event in Canadian history, but I have written it without revealing to readers the “where and when” or even the who. I did this on purpose, to make the story fresh and to underline the universality of the human experience that the story reveals. At the end of the book, as an afterword, I give readers the historical background of event that inspired me to tell the story in the way I did.

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