Time to Praise Editors, II

Published July 7, 2015 by A.J.B. Johnston


A while back I posted a few words of appreciation for Whitney Moran of Nimbus Publishing, the editor of two recent books of history, Louisbourg: Past, Present, Future and Grand Pré, Landscape for the World.

With the upcoming release of my third novel, Crossings (coming from Cape Breton University Press in Fall 2015), it is high time I said something about the woman who has been my fiction editor for the entire Thomas Pichon series. That is Kate Kennedy, whose screen shot is above. Kate is a poet of renown, and also works as an editor for various authors and presses. Her list of clients is impressive. Please check it out at her web site: http://katekennedyeditor.com. It includes Giller winner Joanna Skibsrud, for The Sentimentalists.

I count myself very lucky to have had Kate in my corner for the entirety of Thomas Pichon’s fictional journey. Her observations and suggestions have been invaluable. Along the way I have learned that just because I might initially see and hear scenes play out a certain way, those imaginings may not be the best or most effective ways to bring the story alive. Kate has been so very important to the process of raising the scaffolding for the stories and for making the best use of words in the paragraphs on each floor. When she wonders if there should be more of this and less of that, I take it very seriously. Thanks Kate.

And thanks to Mike Hunter of Cape Breton University Press for engaging Kate Kennedy to work on this series.

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