Where A Certain Book Title Came From

Published May 5, 2020 by A.J.B. Johnston

Everyone I know really likes the title, KINGS OF FRIDAY NIGHT: THE LINCOLNS. So do I, but I have to confess that snappy title was not the original one I had in mind when I was writing the book. The folks at Nimbus Publishing deserve the credit for that eventual, much better title.

The entire time I was writing the book my working title was some variation of “Dreams to Remember: The Life and Times of The Lincolns.” It’s true that I did use the phrase the “Kings of Friday Night” in the manuscript but not as its title.

After I submitted the final manuscript to Nimbus, the Halifax-based publisher came back with a range of possibilities, none of which was my original working title. I wasn’t upset at all, because I could see that some of the ones they were considering were better than what I had proposed. I circulated the various Nimbus titles to members of the band to get their input, and then Nimbus and I made the final choice.

While I am on the subject of acknowledging Nimbus’s personnel in the process of turning a manuscript into a book—having thanked Angela Mombourquette and Jenn Embree the other day—I would like to add two other names today. First up is Barry Norris, who did the copy editing. In the process, Barry made the book a much better read—tighter and clearer on every page. And then there’s Kate Watson who has been heading up publicity since the book came out. This book has garnered more publicity than most of my books, and I don’t think that is an accident. Thanks, Kate.

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