I wonder if readers realize how much power they truly have?

For readers’ reviews of books can have a huge influence, both on other potential readers and on the algorithms that lie beneath search engine results.

I post below a screen shot of the first three reviews of my book, Kings of Friday Night: The Lincolns (Nimbus Publishing). That book connected with a lot of readers and some of them expressed that affection on different book-reviewing or book-buying sites. Some of those same readers also sent me private emails telling me how much they loved the book. That they would take the time to do that means a great deal to me. But it’s even better in the bigger picture if they are able to post a positive review. There is a ripple effect.

So–if anyone reading this feels a connection with Into the Wind: A Novel of Acadian Resilience (Acorn Press), please consider penning a short review (or merely a “like” or “thumb’s up”) on any of the various book sites (Amazon, Indigo, Goodreads, etc). Your assessment might just lead others to discovering the book.