October 24: Booktoberfest

October 2022

Click on the link below for all details.

Booktoberfest! (featuring 50+ NS authors) – Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia

November 3 Talk

October 2022

A.J.B. Johnston presents “The Kings of Friday Night: The Lincolns” | Events | Halifax Public Libraries (bibliocommons.com)

I’m counting the days until it’s time to offer this presentation.


October 2022

Coming October. 24 at the Central Branch of the Halifax Public Library, a book lovers’ event.

The focus is on authors who had books published over the past 2 1/2 years, when the pandemic ruled out most launch events. There will be readings by nearly a dozen writers, and another 30 plus will have their books at tables. It’s a chance to chat and mingle with lots of authors and other readers. I’l be there with my two most recent books: Kings of Friday Night: The Lincolns and Ancient Land, New Land (2021).

Two Halifax bookstores, Woozles and Bookmark, will be there with books to sell.

Louisbrick: the Fortress in Lego!

July 2022

Cape Breton’s Fortress of Louisbourg brought to life in Lego | CBC News

More Fortress Memories

February 2022

I think I have finally reached the end of all the Fortress-related photos that have been stored out of sight for decades.

Each of these came as a surprise. Because I don’t recall seeing any of them before.

The first, me on a slightly tipped-back chair, must have been taken for what at the time was to be the upcoming “Two Decades” exhibit in the King’s Bastion. It was to tell the story of the reconstruction and the head of exhibits, Horst Paufler, asked to to represent a generic historian. This isn’t the photo that was used to make a cut-out version of me in the eventual exhibit, but it had to have been taken during the same photo shoot.

The other two photos are of me in a drummer’s costume (of all things) and our family as it was in the summer of 1979 (before Michael was born). The former must have been for some photo shoot; the latter must have been some kind of Volunteer Association event. I know the latter had to be 1979 because Colin (the baby in the photo) was born in April 1979. Cyne, our little red-haired girl, would have been three at the time.

How fortunate we were to have had the Fortress of Louisbourg in our lives for so many years.

(These and any other Fortress-themed photos I have posted lately will all be going to the Beaton Institute.)

Best Books… Shepherd.com

February 2022

Here below is the latest link to the Shepher.com website, the book-lover’s source for great new reads.

If I may be a little bold, I suggest you go to the “Author” search block and type in “A J B Johnston” That will take you directly to the five reading lists I have prepared so far.

There is also the subject heading, of course.

Just play with the search function any way you like.

Browse the best books to read ? – Shepherd