Atlantic Books Today, Spring 2021

May 2021

The latest issue of Atlantic Books Today (Spring 2021) is now out.

Among many feature stories the issue presents a short excerpt, along with the cover, from the new book that Jesse Francis and I have been working on—Ancient World, New World. That excerpt is found on page 43.

Here is a link to the full issue.

Book Lovers’ Site

May 2021

It is sweet to see that the opening page of the (book lovers’) web site currently highlights my post about 1960s rock ‘n’ roll books (including “Kings of Friday Night: The Lincolns”).

I’m sure that opening presentation will change in the days ahead, but for the time being it offers great publicity for all books I discuss.

Here’s the link.

1960s Rock ‘n’ Roll

May 2021

The Best Books About Rock ‘N’ Roll In The 1960s – Shepherd

The link above will take you to my latest posting on the website, a site for book lovers of all kinds.

Sherpherd’s Best Books

May 2021

There is a wonderful new project for anyone who loves books. It’s “Discover the Best Books” and it’s found at Please check it out.

Each contributing author gets to plug one of their own books, then recommends five titles by other authors that share a common theme. I have so far selected two themes and I’ll be doing more in the days ahead. My first two entries were on the Acadian Deportation and the Seven Years’ War in North America.

If you would like to check out what I posted, here are the two links.

The Best Books On The Acadian Deportation – Shepherd

On the site there is a long list of the authors participating in the project. Maybe you’d like to check it out.

Novel Inspired by Katharine McLennan

May 2021
Something True (cover)

Remembering Katharine McLennan

May 2021

Elizabeth Patterson, a journalist with the Saltwire Network, recently spoke with me in connection with Katharine McLennan, 1892-1975.

Her story is a tribute to the memory of the late philanthropist.

Here is a link to that piece.

McLennan’s legacy has touched much of Cape Breton | SaltWire

For anyone interested in checking out the novel I wrote about the same Katharine McLennan, I’ll post its cover in a moment.